Control Workplace Stress
A Therapy for the Oncology Community

Work in the field of oncology can bring unwanted stress into your life.

You can master that stress, and attain strong mental and emotional health, by the daily practice at home of Ki Meditation and Ki Breathing.
“Ki Meditation and Ki Breathing are effective relaxation techniques that will benefit people working in the health care environment.” 
- Natasha Tiffany, MD

If you do these exercises every day, you will create a condition of mind where the worries, anxieties, and fears do not have a way in, and you can live your life as if they did not exist.

The Oregon Ki Society teaches them to you in a series of four weekly 30-minute sessions at the Oregon Oncology Specialists clinic.

You will also learn techniques that help you maintain a positive mind throughout the working day.

None of this requires special equipment, a special environment, and no assistance is needed.

Anyone can do it!

The instructor is Bob Jones, who has been teaching and practicing with the Oregon Ki Society for over 40 years. He is a cancer survivor.
"Bob Jones is a Ki master, and an expert, patient teacher whom I highly recommend as you start to apply the Ki method."
- Natasha Tiffany, MD
The class sessions will be held [TBD]. Classes are designed for three participants at a time, and are scheduled on demand.
Sign up by [TBD].

Instruction is provided free of charge to the participant, in cooperation with the Oregon Oncology Specialists clinic.

Questions? Contact Bob at oks@wvi.com.