As students and instructors, we follow the example of Master Koichi Tohei, one of the great teachers of our time. Through his life-long training of meditation, breathing, and martial arts he developed teaching methods that make evident many of the elusive qualities of our mind, body and spirit. Simple in their nature, and universal in their application, these principles are the foundation of our training.

We train to improve our lives as we learn. Learning and teaching are two parts of the same process, and students naturally progress to instructional roles as they develop in their training.

The Oregon Ki Society, Salem Dojo is led by a world-class team of instructors who have dedicated their lives to this training.

Bob Jones

Assistant Kiatsu Lecturer, Associate Ki Lecturer, Joden in Ki Development, Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido 5th Dan, teaching for over 30 years.

Bob enjoys golf, hiking, and reading. He is married with two grown children.